Indonesia proposes extension of safeguard duties on galvalume imports

Indonesia has decided to extend existing safeguarding duties on aluminium-zinc-coated flat steel imports for a further three years.

The duties were applied in July 2014 and would expire next month, but will now be extended until July 2020, according to a document released by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) late last week.
Duties will be set at 2.89 million rupiah ($217) in the first year, 2.18 million ($164) in the second year, and 1.48 million rupiah ($111) in the third year.

Those compare with nearly 5 million rupiah ($375) per tonne in July 2014-July 2015, 4.31 million rupiah ($323) per tonne for July 2015-July...


Juan Weik

June 28, 2017

04:25 GMT