CHINA COKE WRAP: Export prices bottom out on domestic mark-up, coking coal gains

China’s metallurgical coke export prices have bottomed out in the past fortnight amid gains in the domestic market, and costlier coking coal.

Offers for materials with a coke strength after reaction (CSR) of 65% were heard to have risen to $270-275 per tonne fob China late this week, compared with $265-270 per tonne fob earlier in the week. Metal Bulletin’s assessment of prices for coke cargoes with 65% CSR, 12.50% ash, and in physical sizes of 30-90mm was $255-270 per tonne fob China on Tuesday June 27, up $5-10 per tonne from a three-and-a-half-month low of $250-260 per tonne two weeks earlier. Acceptable prices for Indian buyers have gone up by about $5 per tonne this week due to a stronger domestic market in China, though there is a “time lag” between the two countries’ markets, according to sources in the South Asian nation. “The market is...


July Zhang

June 30, 2017

12:36 GMT