LORD COPPER: Norilsk and BASF lead the charge with battery material supply deal

Hot on the heels of the creation of Cobalt 27 comes another interesting development in the hottest segment of the metals business currently in the form of a memorandum of understanding between Norilsk Nickel and BASF.

The agreement covers the supply (at market price) from Norilsk to BASF of raw materials for the production of battery materials to go into the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, principally for the electric vehicle market.

The big plus point of this deal would seem to me to be the stability of supply of metals – mainly, I assume, cobalt and nickel – for BASF’s production. It doesn’t, of course, cover lithium but, as we have discussed before, that market is still very immature and fixing any manufacturer’s position in it is still I would suggest a long way off....


Lord Copper

July 05, 2017

15:29 GMT