PRICING NOTICE: Metal Bulletin launches fob China ferro-vanadium, fob China V2O5 prices

Metal Bulletin has launched two new spot price assessments for the vanadium market to better monitor and quantify the price differential between the Chinese export market and prices in Europe.

Full details and specifications for the new prices are as follows:
Description: Ferro-vanadium, 78% min $/kg V, fob China
Assessment type: Assessed range
Basis: fob China (other delivery terms normalised)
Loading window: Within 20 days
Price/unit: $/kg V
Form: lumps
Quality: V: 78% min. Al: 1.5% max. Si: 2% max. C: 0.06%. S: 0.05%. P: 0.05%. As: 0.06%. Mn: 0.5%. Cu: 0.1%. Ni: 0.15%. Mesh size: 10-50mm, 90% min.
Min lot size: 5 tonnes ± 5%
Payment terms: L/C, T/T, other payment terms normalised

Assessed by: Metal Bulletin...


Charlotte Radford

July 20, 2017

14:14 GMT