WEEKLY SCRAP WRAP: Turkish demand keeps strength in scrap prices

Scrap prices in the global markets mostly remained firm during the working week from Monday July 17 to Friday July 21 – except in India.

Demand in Turkey was comparatively weaker over the period, but the country continue to pay higher prices for imported scrap in line with rising billet and finished steel prices, while scrap prices in the USA and Taiwan followed a similar trend.
Turkey imports
Turkish steel mills slowed down their deep-sea purchases compared with previous weeks and have booked four deep-sea cargoes this week, totalling 136,000 tonnes.
A steel producer in the Marmara region booked a US cargo, comprising 10,000 tonnes of HMS 1&2 (90:10) at $311 per tonne and 30,000 tonnes of shredded at $314 per tonne cfr.

Another steel mill in the Izmir region booked a Baltic Sea cargo, comprising 21,000 tonnes of HMS 1&2 (80:20) at $299.50 per tonne, 3,000 tonnes of shredded at $304.50 per tonne, 4,000 tonnes of bonus at $309.50 per tonne and 1,000 tonnes of rail at $314.50...


Cem Turken

July 21, 2017

16:28 GMT