CHINA COKE WRAP: Domestic uptrend, coking coal gains send export prices higher

China’s metallurgical coke export prices have extended gains in the second half of July, with another two rounds of domestic hikes and seaborne coking coal getting costlier.

While a mid-August shipment with a coke strength after reaction (CSR) of 65% was heard to have traded to India at around $282-283 per tonne fob China last week, such materials with late-August laycan have already been offered at $295 per tonne fob this week.
Metal Bulletin’s price assessment for coke cargoes with 65% CSR, 12.50% ash, and in physical sizes of 30-90mm was $285-295 per tonne fob China on Tuesday July 25, up $5 per tonne on the week, and $10-15 per tonne higher than $270-285 per tonne fob two weeks ago.

China’s domestic coke market experienced a third round of price increases, up by 50 yuan ($7.40) per tonne last week and, on Thursday, a fourth...


July Zhang

July 27, 2017

17:57 GMT