Southeast Asian import billet prices keep climbing amid strong market

Steel billet import prices in Southeast Asia have continued to move upward over the past week, supported by the positive dynamics in the global markets for raw materials and finished long steel products.

Moreover, the availability of the semi-finished product remained limited because of the absence of offers from China, where suppliers continued to keep export offers at high prices because of the strength in their domestic markets.
Meanwhile, non-Chinese suppliers have made their positions firmer in Southeast Asia, in particular in the Philippines market, which is currently the most promising outlet in terms of prices and volumes, according to market sources.
Metal Bulletin’s price assessment for billet imports in Southeast Asia widened by $5 per tonne on the upper end to $460-475 per tonne cfr for the week ending Monday July 31.

A 5,000-tonne cargo of Vietnamese billet purchased earlier...


Vlada Novokreshchenova

August 01, 2017

14:08 GMT