FORECAST: Tin prices to rise on widening deficit, BMI says

Tin prices are expected to trend higher over the coming years due to a widening supply deficit as global demand growth outpaces production between 2017 and 2021, according to BMI Research.

Analysts at UK-based BMI said in a report on August 3 that they expect prices to rise from an average of $19,500 per tonne ($8.85 per lb) in 2017 to $22,500 per tonne ($10.21 per lb) in 2021.
The London Metal Exchange’s three-month tin price closed at $20,555 per tonne ($9.32 per lb) on August 7, up 1.6% from $20,225 per tonne ($9.17 per lb) on July 24.

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Millicent Dent

August 08, 2017

03:42 GMT