FOCUS: Market awaits clarity on Chinese imports of scrap copper, aluminium after MEP adjusts categories

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has adjusted its import categories for scrap and waste products, with eligibility requirements for category 7 copper and aluminium scrap materials expected to be tightened in the coming weeks after the country continued to step up its environmental policies.

The MEP released documents detailing three lists on Thursday August 17, namely a “forbidden list”, “limited imports” and “permissible list”, Metal Bulletin has learned.
The import of scrap and waste products on the “forbidden list” will be totally banned, while items listed under “limited imports” will continue to be allowed if they meet certain requirements set by the authorities. Items on the “permissible list” can be imported into the country with no additional restrictions.
The adjustments set out in the documents will come into effect on December 31, 2017.

Scrap copper and aluminium in category 7 remain on the list of “limited imports”, unchanged from official guidance...


Kiki Kang

Ellie Wang

Bradley MacAulay

Susan Zou

August 18, 2017

11:09 GMT