COMMENT: What did the steel sector accomplish in Brazil's capital?

This year’s Brazilian Steel Congress, organised by national steel institute Aço Brasil, was held in the capital city of Brasília for the first time, attracting some 400 delegates.

The conference is usually held in the cities of São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, where most steel executives are located, but the 28th conference was transferred to Brasília to “take the discussions to where the country’s future is being decided”, the association said.
The event had a political tone, with several politicians atending.
Brazilian president Michel Temer’s presence was most anticipated.
Temer began his address by saying that the government recognises the “strategic position” of the steel sector, citing basic information about the industry such as employment level.
He also emphasised the key role that China has been playing in the international steel market, contributing to overcapacity figures at high levels.
“The challenge [for Brazilian mills] lies in global [steel] overcapacity,” Temer said.

He even suggested that the issue be discussed during upcoming meetings scheduled between the governments of...


Ana Paula Camargo

August 28, 2017

21:26 GMT

São Paulo