LORD COPPER: Metals jolted by EV batteries but will spark fade for some?

The anticipated growth of the electric vehicles market should provide a boost – some of which we are perhaps already seeing – to metals prices after a pretty flat period.

And it all looks so simple. Copper, nickel, cobalt, aluminium and lithium look set to benefit: copper because an electric vehicle uses around twice the weight of copper as a conventional one and a charging network has to be created, which will be heavily dependent on the metal; nickel and cobalt as the anode and cathode in the battery; aluminium for lightening the body; and lithium as the most effective performing electrolyte. Get long of those metals, and away you go. A couple of question marks are appearing, though, which make the picture just a little less clear. The case for copper seems straightforward – its superior electrical conductivity means that it is highly unlikely to be displaced as long as electric motors are the main motive power. When it comes to the battery constituents,...


Lord Copper

September 04, 2017

14:37 GMT