INTERVIEW: We have local production for local markets – Sapa's Egil Hogna

Recent developments in the downstream aluminium sector have favoured leaders like Sapa ceo Egil Hogna, who talks to Metal Bulletin after two years at the helm of the diverse extrusion business

Egil Hogna. (Sapa) Egil Hogna is a man well suited to his time and place. The drive in downstream manufacturing towards a more customer-focused, solutions-driven business model at the expense of operationally-based performance targets is one that the Sapa ceo has spearheaded throughout his career. It was already a key philosophy of Sapa when Hogna took the top seat just over two years ago. Had things gone differently, Hogna might have had a career in research. In high school he developed an interest in technical studies, and studied at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU) – which has been attended by seemingly most of Norway’s aluminium community – where he initially pursued a degree in electronics. Hogna is at heart an extrovert – a man who is energised and motivated in company. He arrived at Metal Bulletin’s London offices alone, keen to engage with every person he encountered where others may have had...


Jethro Wookey

September 07, 2017

09:00 GMT