WEEKLY SCRAP WRAP: Turkish prices tick up as mills resume buying

Turkish scrap prices showed a moderate rise this week as the country’s steelmakers returned from holidays and booked at least two cargoes.

Other scrap markets showed a mixed picture, with prices stable for US exports and Indian imports, while Taiwanese import prices declined slightly.
Turkish imports
After Turkish mills had an extended break from the market during recent weeks, a steel producer in the Karadeniz region was heard on Thursday to have booked a Baltic Sea cargo comprising 22,000 tonnes of shredded for $362 per tonne cfr.
On the same day, a steel mill in the Iskenderun region was heard to have booked a European cargo, comprising 17,500 tonnes of HMS 1&2 (75:25), 7,500 tonnes of new cuttings, 7,500 tonnes of P&S and 2,500 tonnes of bales, at an average price of $356 per tonne.
Both deals came to light on Thursday but were understood to have been concluded on Wednesday.

On Friday, there were market rumours of a Baltic Sea sale...


Andrew Wells

September 08, 2017

18:20 GMT