US stainless scrap broker, consumer prices trying to link up

The stainless steel scrap market in the USA has drifted down on the processor side, but dealer prices remain stable.

Metal Bulletin sister publication AMM's assessment of broker/processor buying prices in Pittsburgh shows Type 316 stainless scrap solids down a penny overall to 79-82 cents per pound ($1,770-1,837 per gross ton). Type 304 stainless scrap solids dropped 2 cents overall to 61-63 cents per pound ($1,366-1,411 per ton), and Type 304 turnings gained 1 cent on the low side but lost a penny on the high side to 55-57 cents per pound ($1,232-1,277 per ton). For the 400-series chrome grades, a combination of speculative factors and a lack of inventory came into play as some grades moved higher while others...


James Lawrence

September 13, 2017

20:44 GMT