CIS Baltic Sea pig iron prices climb, but Black Sea prices hold firm

Export prices for CIS-origin pig iron exported through the Baltic Sea have risen over the past week, while those for similar material sold through the Black Sea have remained relatively unchanged.

“The market has livened up,” one seller of Baltic Sea pig iron told Metal Bulletin this week. A different view was heard of the Black Sea pig iron market, however. “I think the [Black Sea] market is at a ‘saddle point’, and may go either up or down. So, I prefer to wait and watch,” a trader working with Black Sea pig iron said. The prices for scrap, which can be a relative substitute for pig iron in the steelmaking process, have started to fall. Metal Bulletin’s daily indices for Northern Europe- and USA-origin HMS 1&2 (80:20)...


Nadia Popova

September 14, 2017

16:18 GMT