INTERVIEW: Capstone positions for bull copper market, now in ‘sweet spot’ for miners

Capstone is positioning itself for a coming bull market for copper, the Canadian miner’s ceo Darren Pylot told Metal Bulletin.

Mid-way through a London-touring visit talking to institutional investors, Capstone has noted a shifting in perceptions towards metals and other commodities.
“Generalist funds are starting to come back to the resources space but we’re definitely starting from a smaller base than three to five years ago,” Pylot said, speaking over the hubbub of a busy City of London coffeehouse.
Just last week, copper prices touched three-year highs of $6,970 per tonne on the London Metal Exchange and $3.17 per lb on the CME at the peak of a late-summer surge for the metal which overshot fundamentals, but both contracts have since ducked under the $6,500-per-tonne and $3-per-lb marks, respectively.



Archie Hunter

September 20, 2017

09:15 GMT