China continues to flout WTO rules on steel trading, AISI says

China continues to disregard its commitments as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), more than 15 years after joining it, the American Iron & Steel Institute has alleged in a submission to the US government.

Washington-based AISI provided an interagency trade committee, which is led by the US Trade Representative (USTR), with “evidence that China continues to fail to comply with its [WTO] commitments”, the steel trade body said on Wednesday September 20. “China’s continued violation of global trading rules has significant effects on the global steel trade and significantly harms steelmakers in the USA,” the AISI said. This was the 14th yearly submission the AISI has made to this committee or related bodies since...


Nat Rudarakanchana

September 21, 2017

23:58 GMT