LBMA CONF 2017: Key talking points ahead of the conference

With the annual London Bullion Market Assn (LBMA) conference kicking off on Sunday October 15 in Barcelona, Metal Bulletin looks at a few of the key topics that are influencing the precious metals markets.

Donald Trump – the best thing that ever happened to gold bulls The often controversial and twitter-happy US president is considered to be one of the highlights for the precious metals market this year. Political fiasco during his first 100 days in office was just the tip of the iceberg as the series of his often embarrassing but tough rhetoric had only just begun. International and domestic affairs were at stake while the Trump administration learnt how to run a country – the hard way. Popular policies from immigration, trade wars, currency manipulation, border walls, firing of the seventh director of US Federal Bureau of Investigation, North Korea’s "Rocket Man" and investigations into alleged collusion with Russia are cans of worms that remain unresolved. While these events may have somewhat faded into the background over time, they could come back to haunt and potentially tarnish Trump’s already fragile reputation as a...


Andy Farida

Ewa Manthey

October 12, 2017

14:46 GMT