No recalls yet amid investigation into ‘improper’ Kobe Steel specs; orders stable on tight supply

The investigation into the falsification of aluminium and copper product specifications by Kobe Steel has not led to any recalls yet nor did it prompt any order cancellations, with Japanese customers left with few alternative options in a tight market.

So far, there has been “no real change” in customer orders, and the company’s procurement of aluminium and copper metal raw materials is also normal given that production is not affected, Kobe Steel spokesman Gary Tsuchida told Metal Bulletin. Kobe Steel is carrying out technical verifications with its customers on the impact of the non-conforming products and has so far not found any quality and safety issues that require any recalls, Tsuchida added. On Sunday, Kobe Steel announced that its internal checks found the specification data for a portion of its aluminium and copper products sold to customers were “improperly rewritten”. Kobe Steel briefly stopped the shipments of the batch of products it suspected had problems when it discovered the incident, but production and shipments are back to normal. Japan is a net importer of aluminium ingots, which is the raw material for aluminium...


Vivian Teo

October 12, 2017

15:21 GMT