CHINA REBAR: Domestic prices up further as sentiment improves

China’s domestic rebar prices moved up further on Tuesday November 14 amid bullish sentiment generated by the impending production restrictions for the winter heating season that will kick in on Wednesday.

Domestic Eastern China (Shanghai): 4,100-4,140 yuan ($618-624) per tonne, up 20-30 yuan per tonne Northern China (Beijing): 3,980-4,020 yuan per tonne, up 60 yuan per tonne Billet prices rose sharply on expectations of lower supply after Wednesday, the day that steel mills in various cities in north China are required to limit production to 50% of their capacity. Rebar prices rose in tandem with those for the semi-finished steel product, market sources said. A number of market participants are...


Jessica Zong

November 14, 2017

11:08 GMT