GULF STEEL BILLET, REBAR: Demand still weak, domestic prices expected to fall

The rebar and billet import markets in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have remained weak over the past seven days, with market participants in the UAE expecting local rebar prices to fall, Metal Bulletin heard on Tuesday November 14.

Billet Iran offered billet at $480-490 per tonne cfr to the UAE, but no deals were heard. Metal Bulletin’s weekly price assessment for UAE billet imports was therefore unchanged on November 14 at $480-490 per tonne cfr. Rebar imports Turkey offered rebar to the UAE at $520 per tonne cfr on a theoretical weight basis, but no deals were heard. A buyer was bidding $510 per tonne cfr for...


Serife Durmus

November 14, 2017

13:48 GMT