Rail wagon shortage may force logistics rethink on German steelmakers

German steel companies could turn to alternative shipping methods because national railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) has been unable to meet demand with the number of wagons it is operating, sources told Metal Bulletin this week.

In some cases, steel shipments are being delayed by as long as ten days, or even two weeks, because of the wagon shortage, according to market participants.
“The logistics management of [DB freight division] DB Cargo and the shortage of wagons … create great challenges for our steel-producing units,” a spokesman for German steelmaker Salzgitter said on Wednesday November 15.
“We are using more of our own trains for external transportation to compensate for this as much as possible,” he added.

The steelmaker was not able to provide information about the changes in delivery costs that...


Maria Tanatar

November 16, 2017

16:12 GMT

Dnepr, London