CHINA COKING COAL WRAP: Limited downside for prices over year end

China’s domestic coking coal prices look set to stabilize for the rest of the year, though there have been some incremental drops so far in November.

Shanxi’s top-quality Liulin No4 premium hard coking coal was heard to be trading at 1,650 yuan ($248) per tonne delivered to Tangshan mills over the last three weeks, since a downward adjustment of 50 yuan per tonne on November 3.
The product, with 0.7% sulfur, 10% ash and a coke strength after reaction (CSR) of 65%, is commonly used in China to compare with Peak Downs.
Metal Bulletin’s assessment of prices for domestic hard coking coal in China’s Shanxi spot market, delivered to Tangshan, was 1,300-1,650 yuan per tonne for the week ended November 17.
This compares with 1,350-1,700 yuan per tonne five weeks earlier.
Tighter availability

The slow descent of prices for low-sulfur coking coal in Shanxi has been attributed to mines only partially resuming production after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which wrapped up...


Sophie Zhao

November 21, 2017

07:30 GMT