LORD COPPER: Investors welcome cobalt to the party

Cobalt's transformation from industrial commodity to investment asset continues apace, as the guest list at one LME Week reception Lord Copper attended recently attests.

One of the receptions I attended during the LME Dinner Week was in one of Mayfair’s glitzier clubs. There’s nothing unusual about that, you may say - everybody tries to outdo each other in choice of venue.
But this wasn’t Transamine or Triland, Freeport or Mitsui or any of the established regulars; this was hosted by Pala Investments and Cobalt 27, which have piqued the interest of investors looking for exposure to the price of cobalt, possibly using Cobalt 27 equity as a hedging or trading tool.

It was an excellent party, stuffed with the great and the good of the cobalt world, including pretty much all of the London traders among others -...


Lord Copper

November 22, 2017

15:08 GMT