CHINA ZINC & LEAD WEEK: More room for improvement in China secondary lead industry - CMRA

China, the world’s largest producing and consuming country of lead, has room to improve its secondary lead industry, according to Wei Liu, deputy secretary general of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch (CMRA).

Chinese secondary lead production, which was 14,821,500 tonnes over 2001-2016, accounts for 27% of total domestic lead production, which is below the global average.
Secondary lead production in Germany, for example, accounts for 65% of domestic output while 100% of US lead output is of secondary metal.
Still, Chinese production of secondary lead is growing, becoming better regulated and polluting less.
“Our secondary lead industry has made some progress but we need more improvement,” Liu said at the China Zinc and Lead Week in Shenzhen on Wednesday November 22.
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Echo Ma

November 24, 2017

11:45 GMT