CHINA ZINC & LEAD WEEK: Five aims for supply-side reform - CNIA

Tao Peng, secretary general of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) Zinc and Lead Branch, identified five things to consider while reforming the supply side of the domestic zinc and lead industry.

Strict control over capacity
“Our goal is to keep a logical and profitable operating rate and to avoid disorderly competition,” Peng said at the China Zinc and Lead Week on Wednesday November 22.
Chinese lead and zinc metal production will reach 4.65 million tonnes and 7.1 million tonnes respectively in 2020, the CNIA estimated. 
Reduce stocks
Chinese zinc stocks have fallen, which reflects tight supply this year.

On-hand stocks have fallen by 180,000 tonnes since the start of this year to around 100,000 tonnes in October, according to...


Echo Ma

November 24, 2017

12:21 GMT