Major Chinese stainless steel mills issue lower FeCr tender prices for December

Major Chinese stainless steel mills Tsingshan Group, Baosteel and Taiyuan Iron&Steel (Tisco) have lowered their high-carbon ferro-chrome tender prices for December due to sufficient domestic and foreign supply as well as weak demand for Chinese stainless steel products.

Tsingshan Group lowered its high-carbon ferro-chrome bid price for December delivery to 7,096 yuan ($1,075) per tonne on Monday November 27, 800 yuan lower than its tender price for November delivery.
“For ferro-chrome delivered to Tianjin port, the price is 6,936 yuan per tonne, 160 yuan lower due to cheaper delivery charges,” an official from Tsingshan Group said.

Fellow Chinese steel mill Baosteel also reduced its tender price for December delivery by 800 yuan, setting a new monthly tender price of 7,100 yuan per tonne on Monday, a...


Ellie Wang

November 28, 2017

03:15 GMT