ASIA COPPER WEEK 2017: Miners need to give smelters more room on TC/RCs to keep copper industry healthy - Jiangxi’s Wu

Miners and smelters need to reach an agreement on profitable treatment and refining charges (TC/RCs) which will benefit the entire copper industry for the long term, Wu Yuneng, president of Jiangxi Copper told delegates at Metal Bulletin’s 13th Asia Copper Conference on Wednesday November 29.

“If smelters are all running at losses, they will have no motivation to produce. Miners should give smelters more room on TC/RCs to ensure the industry develops healthily,” Wu said.
Smelters, especially those in China, are facing greater pressure from an environmental standpoint, which means greater investment will be needed to comply with new regulations and will add further costs to production, according to Wu.
Some smelters are already carrying out upgrades at their facilities to meet these new stringent regulations, he added.

Chinese authorities have tightened environmental regulations in recent months with companies...


Kiki Kang

November 29, 2017

05:30 GMT