ASIA COPPER WEEK 2017: 2018 copper TC/RC benchmark to settle in $80-85/t range - Standard Chartered

The annual copper treatment and refining charge (TC/RC) benchmark should settle within a range of $80-85 per tonne/8-8.5 cents per lb for 2018, a level that Chinese smelters should find profitable, Nicholas Snowdon, senior metals analyst at Standard Chartered said.

Standard Chartered expects the global copper concentrates market to move from a surplus of 200,000 tonnes in 2017 to a deficit of 200,000 tonnes in 2018 because smelting capacity additions will outpace concentrates supply, Snowdon said at Metal Bulletin’s conference on Wednesday November 29. “At $80-85 per tonne, almost all smelting capacity is profitable. Certainly in China, there is no concern of how...


Perrine Faye

November 29, 2017

11:45 GMT