FOCUS: Metals industry gives cautious welcome to new EU anti-dumping rules

The European metals industry has reacted positively to the European Parliament’s endorsement, made at a Strasbourg plenary meeting on November 15, of new European Union anti-dumping rules that are scheduled to come into force early next year.

But while the proposals, first presented by the European Commission in November 2016, are stronger and clearer than past rules on establishing erecting such protective duties, while sector representatives cautioned this week that they are as yet untested. The crux of the changes is the introduction of a new non-standard anti-dumping methodology (NADM), allowing anti-dumping duties to be imposed on imports from non-EU countries where export industries benefit from significant market distortions or where their government has a pervasive influence on the economy. While the European Commission has said that the rules “are formulated in a country-neutral way and in full compliance with the EU's WTO [World Trade Organization] obligations,” most discussions about the change have suggested the new rules will make it easier to impose anti-dumping duties on exports from China. The agreement also includes changes that strengthen the EU anti-subsidy legislation so that, in future cases, any new subsidies revealed during...


INS - Liz Newmark

November 30, 2017

10:04 GMT