ISD may lose control of Alchevsk Iron & Steel to Ukraine rebels

Industrial Union of Donbass (ISD) is facing a significant risk that it will lose control over the Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works and other group assets in rebel-held districts of the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine, the company announced in a recent results report.

Alchevsk Iron & Steel specializes in producing slab, billet and plate and, with the Alchevsk Coking Plant, represents the major portion of ISD’s business. It has been idle since the end of February this year due to disruptions to raw material supplies following the erection of blockades on the railroads in the east of Ukraine.
The rebel forces in eastern Ukraine are pro-Russia, and have taken control of the large parts of the provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk. The railway blockades were put up by Ukrainian pro-government militants, with the presumed intention of preventing the movement of supplies and products into and out of the rebel-held areas.

According to local news provider Interfax-Ukraine, control over Alchevsk Iron...


Vlada Novokreshchenova

December 04, 2017

20:00 GMT