US Midwest aluminium premium flat for fourth consecutive week

The US Midwest aluminium premium has again remained unchanged, with market participants saying that the spot market is dead as buyers focus on reducing inventory ahead of 2018.

American Metal Market’s assessment of the P1020 spot premium held at 9.25-9.5 cents per lb delivered on Tuesday December 5, the fourth week in a row it has done so.
The P1020 spot market has been quiet, with scant transactions to speak of outside of small volumes, according to market participants.
The slowness evidenced this far this month is viewed by the market as a normal seasonal condition.
“It’s slow in December, nobody has anything to do... It’s still a good market [but] there’s no change in the market,” one supplier source said.

“Not too many buyers into the end...


Kirk Maltais

December 06, 2017

03:23 GMT

New York