INTERVIEW: Innovation is the key to success, Unicoil CEO says

Swamped by products imported from China, the Saudi market for coated steel coils has been a challenging one in which to operate in the recent past. Unicoil, a galvanized and pre-painted steel producer in Saudi Arabia led by chief executive officer (CEO) Rayed Abdullah Al-Ajaji, has adopted a persistent strategy to stress the higher quality of its output and services, which now is being embraced by other steel companies in the country, Rayed tells Richard Barrett.

Responding to imports that progressively turned into a flood of cheaper products from China a few years ago, Unicoil - the leading Saudi Arabian producer of galvanized (GI) and organic coated steel sheet and coils (PPGI) - decided to fight back by investigating the quality of imported coated products and resolving to produce the highest-quality coated coils for domestic, regional and international markets, supported by superior service levels. Unicoil was also the first Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) producer to seek the imposition of a safeguard measure on imports of PPGI. Unicoil is Saudi Arabia’s largest PPGI producer, with a capacity of 210,000 tonnes per year from its processing lines in Jeddah and Jubail. In late-2014, CEO Rayed Abdullah Al-Ajaji outlined a situation in which total Saudi production capacity for PPGI production stood at 380,000 tpy; local demand was about 255,000 tonnes, but imports to Saudi Arabia from China exceeded 160,000 tpy....


Richard Barrett

December 07, 2017

05:10 GMT