INTERVIEW: Flame retardant industry could substitute antimony if prices continue to rise – Campine

The flame retardant industry could substitute antimony trioxide for cheaper alternatives if antimony metal prices continue to rise, Wim De Vos, chief executive officer at Belgian producer Campine, said.

“Perhaps one of the main messages that all of us need to think about for the future is if the metal becomes way more expensive we will lose some markets because there are alternatives which will be at that point cheaper or more cost efficient,” De Vos, Campine’s newly appointed CEO told Metal Bulletin in Beerse, Belgium, where the company is located.

Campine ceo Wim De Vos
De Vos replaced Geert Krekel as Campine’s CEO three months ago after spending 25 years in the chemicals and plastics industry.
Campine, a major antimony trioxide producer that is also active in plastics and the secondary lead market, was founded in 1912.
“The whole market will not win with a high antimony price. On the contrary if we want to be there in the next 20 to 50 years lower antimony metal price is what the industry needs,” De Vos said.


Ewa Manthey

December 07, 2017

16:30 GMT