US brass mill imports, exports rise in Oct

The United States posted further gains in imports and exports of brass mill products during October, fueled by the automotive and construction industries, the Copper & Brass Fabricators Council (CBFC) said on Monday December 11.

Brass mill imports totaled 41.2 million lbs during the month, up 6.8% from 38.6 million lbs in October 2016 - another sign that the US remains a top import market. Germany and Mexico remained the biggest suppliers to the US market, at 10.2 million lbs and 4.7 million lbs respectively.

That put imports for the first 10 months of the year at 414.2 million lbs, up 7.7% from 384.7 million...


Dalton Barker

December 12, 2017

01:08 GMT