US Commerce Department submits steel Section 232 report to Trump

US Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has submitted his department's long-awaited Section 232 report on the impact of steel imports on national security. The findings were not immediately made public.

Confirmation of the report's completion puts the federal government one step closer to potentially imposing tariffs or quotas on imported steel as early as this year.
Commerce issued a three-sentence statement late Thursday January 11 noting that the report was formally delivered to President Donald Trump and that, by law, Trump has 90 days to decide on potential action.
Domestic steel producers and associations welcomed the news and called for a rapid, aggressive response from the White House.
U.S. Steel Corp. urged Trump to take "swift and decisive action" against imported material.
"Our nation cannot afford to allow the continued rise of foreign imports that undermine America's capacity to produce the steel necessary for our country's national and economic security," the 117-year-old Pittsburgh-based steelmaker said on Friday January 12.
Restricting imports

"We are confident that we have made the case that the repeated surges in steel imports in recent...


Dom Yanchunas

January 12, 2018

18:48 GMT

New York