US pipe mills file trade petitions against six nations

The American Line Pipe Producers Association has filed trade petitions complaining that imports of large-diameter welded line pipe from six nations - including China and Canada - were dumped, and that some received unfair support from government subsidies.

The alleged dumping margins range from 23.52% on imports from South Korea to 138.61% on imports from China. Imports from Canada, which the US-based line pipe association publicly singled out as a bad actor seven months earlier, were dumped at a margin of 53.01%, the association said in a press release on Wednesday January 17. The other nations in the complaint are India, imports from which were allegedly dumped at a 50.55% margin; Turkey, at 27.83%; and Greece, at 25.69%. Imports from China, India, South Korea and Turkey also benefited...


Dom Yanchunas

January 17, 2018

22:13 GMT

New York