LME, transport costs boost some US aluminium scrap prices

Some aluminium scrap prices in the United States have been propelled higher by a combination of transportation-related issues and gains on the London Metal Exchange.

While smelter-grade scrap prices were mostly steady, mixed low-copper clips, clean dry high-grade turnings and clean dry mixed-grade turnings all logged a 1-cent-per-lb increase on Thursday January 18, according to American Metal Market’s latest assessment.
Used beverage can prices rose by 2 cents per lb. At the same time, mill-grade scrap prices rose by 2 cents per lb almost across the board, with the exception of a 1-cent gain in 3105 segregated low-copper alloy clips.

“There are so many dynamics going on right now that it’s hard...


Bradley MacAulay

January 22, 2018

01:19 GMT