US A380.1 prices rise on higher raw material, transport costs

Some secondary aluminium alloy prices in the United States have been pushed higher by a combination of elevated raw material costs and transportation-related issues.

Benchmark A380.1 prices rose by 1 cent on the low end of the range to 98-99 cents per lb on Monday January 22, while 319.1 gained a penny on the high end of the range to $1.03-1.05 per lb, according to American Metal Market's assessment. All other ingot prices remained unchanged.

“We’re busy, and scrap and alloying costs are up a little bit. The biggest part is freight, and the margins are getting squeezed. Die-casters are beginning to understand, and lots of customers are calling for February metal - so either they are busy and need...


Bradley MacAulay

January 24, 2018

00:50 GMT