US nickel shapes premiums drift further apart

The gap between premiums for nickel briquettes and 4x4 cut cathodes in the United States has widened further over the past few months, resulting in expansive melting-grade premiums that encompass both shapes.

American Metal Market's assessment of US melting-grade in-warehouse premiums rose to 25-37 cents per lb on Tuesday January 23, up from 25-35 cents per lb the previous week. But even that figure does not encompass the range of inputs, with some participants reporting sales in the upper to mid-40s.
Due to the gap in the premiums for nickel shapes, Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market are proposing replacing melting- and plating-grade prices with briquettes and 4x4 cut cathodes.

Premiums for both briquettes and cathodes have risen substantially over the past four months, although cathode premiums are notably higher....


Millicent Dent

January 24, 2018

01:18 GMT

New York