GLOBAL VANADIUM WRAP: Supply tightness strengthens prices despite slower spot markets

Supply concerns continued to drive Chinese ferro-vanadium and global vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) prices, while European ferro-vanadium prices found stability at slightly lower levels while market activity slowed.

  • Low availability continues to drive Chinese FeV, V2O5 markets
  • European ferro-vanadium prices stabilize at slightly lower levels
  • US FeV market continues to run on supply concerns, trader interest
Fob China vanadium prices continued to gain support from a strong domestic market, though very few deals have been closed in the export market.
Metal Bulletin’s latest assessment of fob China ferro-vanadium prices were $58.50-60.50 per kg on January 25, $2.50 higher at the low end with the high end unchanged from a week earlier.
While, the fob China prices of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) jumped to $13-13.30 per Ib in the same comparison, reflecting the low availability of Chinese V2O5.

Few V2O5 exporters are quoting in the market, while domestic supply continues to be tight and closing prices are 182,000-185,000 yuan ($28,742- 29,216) per tonne, equivalent to $13-13.30 per Ib according to the exchange rate of around...


Anna Xu

Chris Kavanagh

January 31, 2018

01:45 GMT

Shanghai, London, New York