LME, offshore demand boost US lead scrap prices

Prices for spent lead-acid batteries and lead scrap in the United States have been boosted by a combination of steep gains on the London Metal Exchange, rising transportation costs and firm overseas demand.

Whole lead-acid battery prices logged a $1 increase to $44-45 per hundredweight on Tuesday January 30, while lead scrap, remelt lead and cable lead prices each increased by $2 per cwt, according to American Metal Market’s latest assessment.
“Higher LME prices are keeping export prices strong, which in turn is keeping [pressure on] the domestic buyers…Trucks are certainly getting much harder to find, and rates are increasing,” one lead scrap consumer said.
Other lead scrap consumers shared similar views, noting that higher shipping costs as well as gains on the LME have pushed up some scrap prices.

“The LME is having an effect on lead-acid batteries by holding the price up. I think...


Bradley MacAulay

February 01, 2018

01:11 GMT