PRICING NOTICE: Conclusions from Metal Bulletin’s consultation on amendments to its international cobalt price specifications

Metal Bulletin has reviewed the feedback received as part of its consultation on amendments to its international cobalt price specifications, launched on November 27, 2017.

Feedback on stage one of the consultation was invited by Friday January 12.
Broadly, Metal Bulletin’s aims for stage one of the consultation were as follows:
  • To gather feedback on the proposed removal of brands that are no longer being produced from its specifications; 
  • In doing so, to assess the possibility of increasing the minimum cobalt content in its “low-grade” specification to 99.8%, to reflect changes to global production since the last specification review; 
  • To consider renaming its two cobalt grades, currently referred to as “low-grade” and “high-grade”; 
  • To gauge market interest in including brands that are currently being produced, but were not included at the time of the last specification review, in its specifications, and to assess the feasibility of doing so. 
Full details of the November 2017 cobalt pricing consultation are here.

The majority of responses indicated that any changes to Metal...


Charlotte Radford

February 06, 2018

22:01 GMT