US non-ferrous scrap exports hit 3-year high

Non-ferrous scrap exports from the United States surged last year to the highest level since 2014, propelled largely by a surge in aluminum and copper scrap shipments to China.

Export volumes increased for six of the seven scrap grades - aluminium, copper, lead, lead-acid batteries, nickel, zinc and used beverage cans (UBCs) - tracked by American Metal Market, with total shipments up by 315,001 short tons last year compared with 2016, according to US Commerce Department data.
Aluminium scrap led the gains, with a 247,994-ton increase in 2017 compared with the previous year, while copper logged an increase of 64,545 tons.

But despite the hallmark year, industry participants are bracing for a steep drop in China’s non-ferrous scrap consumption in 2018 following the country's adoption of aggressive restrictions on contaminants in scrap metal imports....


Bradley MacAulay

February 08, 2018

01:11 GMT