Some US smelter scrap prices up; mill grades dip

Some secondary aluminium scrap prices have nudged higher in the United States as a spate of winter weather and lingering trucking issues weigh on scrap flows, while mill-grade scrap pricing dipped in line with declines on the London Metal Exchange.

Smelter-grade aluminium scrap prices remained largely unchanged on Thursday February 8, according to American Metal Market’s latest assessment, while those for old sheet, old cast and mixed-low copper clips each rose by 1 cent per lb.
Market participants attributed the bump up in prices primarily to weather- and trucking-related issues that are crimping some obsolete scrap flows.

“We’re fighting trucking and fighting weather. It’s quiet and we’re a little tight on scrap, but that’s because we’re running full steam every day. The industrial scrap...


Bradley MacAulay

February 12, 2018

01:17 GMT