GLOBAL SILICON WRAP: Fluctuating currency moves, tight supply lift Chinese prices; US prices up ahead of anti-dumping probe results

Chinese silicon export prices jumped up by 1.3% on Friday February 9 due to currency uncertainty and tightening spot availability, while US silicon prices rose again on higher logistics costs and supply concerns ahead of the final determinations on the anti-dumping and countervailing duty probes.

Chinese silicon metal export price breached $2,000 per tonne in the latest pricing assessment amid a backdrop of lingering tight availability, hitting the highest level since September 2017. Metal Bulletin’s Chinese grade 553 silicon export price jumped to $2,000-2,050 per tonne on Friday, up 1.3% from the previous assessment.  Chinese silicon export prices have been well supported by the supply constraints, despite the absence of purchases from Japanese buyers - one of China’s major markets. The majority of export traders are in short supply because producers of some low-grade silicon metals, such as grade 553, have suspended operations to avoid paying higher power costs during the dry season when hydroelectricity is unavailable. Silicon refineries in some southern areas in China, such as Yunnan and Sichuan province, traditionally halt or partially halt silicon production from November to April when cheap hydro power services stop and electricity power costs are raised....


Danielle Assalve

Susan Zou

Tanya Ashreena

February 12, 2018

13:16 GMT

London, Shanghai, Sao Paulo