US secondary aluminium scrap prices step up on slow flows

A slowdown in secondary aluminium scrap flows in the United States, combined with persistent trucking issues, prompted some consumers to continue increasing certain smelter-grade scrap prices.

Prices for painted siding gained 1 cent per lb on Monday February 12, while mixed low-copper clips, high-grade turnings and mixed-grade turnings inched up a penny on the low end of the range, according to American Metal Market’s latest assessment. Aluminium-copper radiators bucked the trend and shed 2 cents on the lower end of the range.
“We have increased our prices just to see if we could attract any additional metal units; however, we have not seen a huge increase in activity on the buy side. Trucking still presents a challenge to the industry,” one consumer said.


Bradley MacAulay

February 14, 2018

02:50 GMT