Firm demand pushes US lead scrap prices higher

Some lead scrap prices stepped higher in the United States due to a combination of firm domestic demand and strong overseas competition, while spent lead-acid battery prices maintained a steady footing.

Prices for lead scrap, remelt lead and cable lead delivered to smelters each increased by $2 per hundredweight on Tuesday February 13, according to American Metal Market’s latest assessment.
“We’re trying to soften prices, but there is stiff competition. We’re having to match aggressive prices out in the market to get the loads,” one consumer said.
Suppliers shared similar views, noting that domestic and offshore demand are keeping pressure on some prices, while transportation issues remain a concern.

“There’s still pretty steady demand, and I feel like there has been an uptick even with the LME...


Bradley MacAulay

February 15, 2018

01:27 GMT