Section 232 aluminium remedies can be ‘surgical’ - US Commerce's Ross

Trade remedies that may be implemented as a result of the United States’ Section 232 investigation into aluminium imports may utilize a nuanced approach as part of the government’s effort to curb transshipment and duty evasion concerns.

One major factor in US President Donald Trump’s decision is the curbing of aluminium transshipments, US Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross said during a meeting, held at the White House with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, on Tuesday February 13. To address that, selective tariffs on certain countries may be implemented in lieu of a broad tariff.

“There are limitations to what a conventional trade case can do, and the main limitation is it doesn’t prevent people from the transshipment through other countries,” Ross said during the meeting. “And of lot of what 232 can do for us is to solve that...


Kirk Maltais

February 15, 2018

01:39 GMT