US lead and zinc scrap prices climb higher

Lead scrap and spent lead-acid battery prices in the United States rose amid persistent competition from overseas markets, which continued to put pressure on domestic consumers.

Prices for lead scrap, remelt lead and cable lead delivered to smelters each increased by $2 per hundredweight on Tuesday February 27, while prices for whole lead-acid batteries delivered to smelters stepped up $1 per cwt on the higher end of the range to $44-46 per cwt, according to American Metal Market’s latest assessment.
Firm domestic demand and strong overseas competition have put pressure on domestic prices over the last few weeks.

“The strong [London Metal Exchange] has keep exports high, particularly along the coastlines. The winter battery ‘kill’ in the Northeast and upper Midwest has generated a good amount of scrap batteries, but other areas of the country are starting to tighten,”...


Bradley MacAulay

March 01, 2018

03:03 GMT